Fanling, Hong Kong 2000


Photos of 2010 Tai Ping Ching Chiu

Once every ten years members of the Pang's family from around the world travels back to Fanling, Hong Kong to celebrate. Our village has over one thousand family members but many of who now live abroad. A camera crew follows the week long celebration and a VCD documentry has been made. This VCD also gives a better history and I will translate to English when I can.


A Quick History

The Pang Clan have been in the Fanling Area for the past 400 years and are of cantonese origin, we originally came from guangdong province and there are still family members in the province.

The original Mr Pang was a local noble and he had 4 sons, and your place in the Clan will depend on which of the four lines of the family you are in. I believe we are into generation 18 or 19 since the Mr Pang origianally came over

The Pang clan is one of the big five clans in the New Territories and probably have over 2000 members.

A recent head count of UK members of the Pang clan estimated there were over 200+ voting members (i.e. Male and 18 or above), which means there are least 500 Pangs in the UK alone. (Thanks to HowPang)

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To see an introduction from the VCD click here, 4.3MB 5min long. Requires Microsoft Media Player. Broadband connection recommended.

If you want to see the whole VCD in mpg (575Mb 57min) format you can download it from my ftp server. Email me for details.

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